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Support of Youth Environmentalism

On March 26, 2019 the Lucketts Ruritans will be participating as a community partner in the first Loudoun Student Environmental Action Showcase (SEAS). This exciting event will be held at the Heritage High School, Leesburg from 5-8 pm. The Lucketts Ruritans will be presenting a display highlighting two 2019 environmental projects within the Lucketts community that will have both local and global impacts. The two projects are 1) Stormwater drain marking in Village Green and 2) Tree planting at JK Black Oak Wildlife Sanctuary in Lucketts to protect vernal pools.
The projects highlight the Lucketts Ruritans’ commitment to the environment by promoting awareness, responsibility, and conservation. Both projects have multiple partners, such as Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District, Virginia Department of Forestry, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, Lucketts Elementary School Rudy Jr. Club, and the Lucketts Girl Scout Troop 751. The Lucketts Ruritans support community engagement and the education of our youth through these hands-on experiences. More ->

Flatten All Boxes

Coat Drive

The Rudy Junior Club with the support of the Lucketts Ruritan Club kicked off their Fifth Annual Coat Drive in October 2018. Despite the fact that our county remains one of the wealthiest in the country, we have many families who struggle to provide the basics. Children outgrow their winter outerwear quickly so the drive helps to match gently used and new coats with families in need.
Our school leadership at Lucketts Elementary works with the Rudy Juniors Club and the local Ruritan organization to provide a list of sizes for boys and girls helped by the drive. The Rudy Juniors collects from the community through five collection points during the month of October. The local Ruritan Club fills in the gaps buying new coats if needed to make sure there is a coat to match every item on the list. The Ruritan Club also provides a new pair of shoes and a pair of new winter gloves with each coat. Adult and teen coats are collected as well. These are distributed to the same families. Last year more than 50 families received assistance from the drive. Coats that remain after these family’s needs are met are distributed to other local charities who provide winter outerwear to families in need for free.

Flatten All Boxes

Community Refuse and Recycling Program

Every Saturday morning from 8:00 am until Noon, the Lucketts Ruritan Club provides the Lucketts Community Refuse and Recycling Program at the Lucketts Elementary School.  This program is provided with the support of Loudoun County’s Solid Waste Diversion and Recycling Program.  The purpose of the event is to maintain the health of the community through the timely removal of refuse, and to improve the area environment through the proper disposal of waste.

Over the years, this program has also become a contact point for other community activities, such as Boy Scout projects and Girl Scout cookie sales. You never know who you may see at Saturday trash!

The procedures for Saturday morning trash are:

  • Must be a Loudoun County resident.
  • For household waste only.  No liquids, paint, yard waste, large furniture, toxic chemicals, car batteries and industrial waste.  Refer to www.loudoun.gov for county landfill information on these items.
  • Recycling for paper, bottles, cans, and plastic (symbols 1 – 7). Co-mingled and please remove plastic bags.  Boxes must be flattened!
  • Suggested donation is $6.00 for a household per week (4 large trash bags).  Larger loads should earn a larger donation. Please use the service and speak to a Ruritan if you have special needs.

Come and dump your trash, do your part for recycling, and say “Hi” to your neighbors.  We hope to see you on Saturday mornings!

Event Parking

Another way we raise funds is through organizing parking at community events.  The events range from special occasions to sporting and equestrian events. Ruritan members are trained in traffic control and efficient and safe parking methods.  It’s a good way to raise funds for the club and to get to know the happenings in the area.  We have organized parking at Morven Park Steeplechase Races and equestrian competitions, and partnered with other local Ruritan Clubs to park large events.

Event parking is another opportunity for volunteers.  It’s a great way to get to know fellow Ruritans and to raise money for the community. And since Lucketts’ weather is always nice (well, almost always), it’s a good excuse to get some fresh air!  Please contact a Ruritan if you are interested in volunteering for event parking.

Environmental Stewardship

The club also participates in other community service projects supporting the environment. Such projects include planting saplings at White’s Ford Regional Park located on the Potomac River near Lucketts.

This park, part of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, will eventually offer hiking, camping, equestrian and small boating access facilities. The trees planted are native to the region and will provide wildlife and bird habitat.

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All Photos by Steve Hillebrand