In 1977, county extension agent Bill Harrison of the Hamilton Ruritan Club, undertook an effort to establish a club in the Lucketts Area. His primary contacts in this area were Buddy Moreland and John Adams. Buddy and John enlisted the aid of Buck Lawson and Walt Zeitfus in early 1979 and were quickly joined by Lloyd Fry and James McKimmey. By March the group had grown to eleven, but less than that required for a Ruritan Charter. Through heroic efforts, the critical number of sixteen was reached in April. The charter meeting was convened on May 8th. During the first eight months of existence, the Club focused on identifying community needs, marshalling member’s talents, defining objectives, assessing fund-raising opportunities and just surviving.

State Corporation Commission Document

The initial objectives of the Club were established as supporting the Lucketts Volunteer Fire Department; looking into restoring the old Lucketts School; establish an agriculture district; eliminate roadside litter; establish, promote and fund youth activities; and assist the needy.

Today the Club continues its support to the Lucketts’ Fire Company 10, our Community Center thrives in the old Lucketts School, our agricultural/forestall districts are long established, our trash and recycling program helps to alleviate the litter problem, youth program flourish and needy families are assisted in a case-by-case basis, through support of community organizations, churches and the interfaith Food Relief drive.


30th Anniversary

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Photo by Steve Hillebrand