Jim, Johnnie, Karl, Patricia, Peter

Club President Gustafson (Right) and Vice President McKenzie (Left), welcome (Left to Right) Johnnie Fisher, Karl and Patricia Glaeser.

Patricia and Karl Glaeser had a dream and found it in Lucketts.  The couple and their 6 year old daughter Lauren live on “Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm” (a.k.a., Red Hill Farm) on Lucketts Road.  Karl is retired from the Navy and now works in Washington DC. Patricia, a chef and caterer, holds down the farm front.  They are reviving the pre-Civil War era property into an operating farm, currently with 80 pigs, five cows and 200 chickens, producing 65 dozen eggs a week for local markets.  Their complete story and vision of coupling sustainable agriculture with culinary expertise to create an ‘agro tourist’ destination can be found at their website  http://www.faithlikeamustardseedfarm.com.



Mike Runde is welcomed by President Gustafson at Lucketts Fair parking fundraiser.

Mike Runde was a Luckett’s Ruritan member in the early 1990’s and then he moved from the area. He now is “very pleased to be part of this great organization again.”  Mike presently heads up the effort to create the World Trade Center Dulles at the One Loudoun project. He looks forward to the Saturday morning duties at the trash compactor and recycling program.  For more information about the World Trade Center Dulles, and One Loudoun, visit http://www.oneloudoun.com/working/world-trade-center-dulles-airport/