Scholarship Program

2020 Scholarships

In 2020, the Lucketts Ruritan Club presented scholarships totaling $15,500 to four Lucketts area students all of whom graduated from Tuscarora High School. The Lucketts Memorial Scholarships are awarded annually to Lucketts graduating seniors who have chosen to extend their education and have excelled in their academic and service endeavors.

This is the 32nd year the Club has awarded scholarships to deserving seniors. Awardees are selected based on academic achievement, school and community service, the student’s essay on his/her future goals and plan to achieve them, and letters of recommendation. The four recipients were judged Outstanding and Excellent. Receiving the scholarships this year were:

In addition to these four scholarships, the Lucketts Ruritan Club provides Citizenship Awards to two schools serving Lucketts families.

  • Claire Gibson, student at Smarts Mill Middle School $300 Staples gift card
  • Addison Barraco, student at Lucketts Elementary $100 Staples gift card

How to apply for a Lucketts Ruritan Scholarship

The Scholarship Applications will be available end of January 2021.

If you are a Lucketts Area resident and a senior in public or private high school, or a home school student planning to continue your education you are eligible.

  • Applications will be available on this web site end of January.
  • Applications and all related paperwork are due mid April 2021.
  • Award winners will be announced at the Awards Assembly at Tuscarora High School in early June.

The Application may be downloaded by clicking on the following embedded links for  public/private or for home school students.

A Scholarship Application Part 5 Letter of Recommendation Form is available here.

The Forms must be filed out electronically and e-mailed to the address on the form. If e-mail is not available, the forms may be printed and mailed.

Adobe PDF Reader is required for these forms.

Previous Scholarship Recipients

Scott Lesho

Charlotte McAfee

Lauren Shea-Engratt

Youth Development Grant Program

The Mission of the Lucketts Ruritan Club is to make Lucketts a better place to live through fellowship, goodwill, and community service.  Over the 40 years since our club’s charter, we have distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars through our Memorial Scholarship Program for local graduating
high school seniors.  While this scholarship program continues, the Club has now created a new fund to impact
the lives of younger children.

This new Youth Development Grant Program has been established to invest in learning and development opportunities for children of all ages who live in Lucketts.


Grant programs must benefit Lucketts area youth.  Applicants must be a group or organization that promotes youth development as part of their mission. Youth may apply directly but must have an adult sponsor cosign
the application.

Grant Making Priorities

  • Focus on youth education, pre-school and after-school enrichment, tutoring, and/or vocational training;
  • Educational programs, art, and cultural experiences;
  • Self-help, local initiatives, fresh and creative new areas;
  • Projects that leverage additional resources, such
    as volunteer time, and in-kind gifts of materials
    and supplies;
  • High-impact results from a small grant;
  • Projects that include collaboration with other groups;
  • Proposals written by youth and for youth;  
  • Sports and physical education activities are eligible.

Activities that are by their nature “entertainment” are
not eligible. 

Who should consider applying?

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Parents and PTA Organizations
  • Scouting and Youth Organizations
  • Church Youth Organizations
  • School Clubs
  • Non-Profits working with
    Families and Children

How to apply for a Youth Development Grant

Please read these instructions and the Program Mission on the next page carefully and complete as much of the application as possible. Some items may not be applicable to your organization. Fill out as much as you can and submit it as directed below and we will contact you if we need more information. 

If you have any questions about the application or need help filling it out contact us at the email below. If you submit an application and we have questions we will contact you. 

Note  We welcome and encourage members of youth groups themselves to complete and submit an application with an adult sponsor cosigning the application. 

This Application is in Four Parts:  

  1. Organizational Information
  2. Proposed Project, Sections 1 and 2
  3. Proposed Budget
  4. Terms of Grant Award

How to Complete and Submit an Application:

  1. Open the application here.
  2. All applications must be submitted via email to:   


Period one

  1. Applications will be accepted beginning the last Friday in September
  2. Applications are due by the last Friday in November
  3. Awards will be announced the second week in January

Period two

  1. Applications will be accepted beginning the second week of January
  2. Applications are due by the last Friday in March
  3. Awards will be announced the second Friday in May

Contact Information:

Tom Small, Chairman, Youth Development Committee, Lucketts Ruritan Club

Adobe PDF Reader is required for the fillable forms.