Saturday Trash & Recycling Service

At a Glance – Service is every Saturday from 8am to noon except Christmas and New Years Day. A donation of $8 is asked for average weekly trash and recycling. A larger donation is recommended for larger loads. Please flatten recycled boxes and remove recycling from plastic bags.

One of the responsibilities of membership in the Lucketts Ruritan Club is staffing the Saturday morning Trash Compactor and Recycling Service from 8am to noon in the parking lot at Lucketts Elementary School.

Every week, two of the forty plus members of the Club are assigned to staff this weekly community service—and have been doing so since 1979!  Customers are asked for a minimum donation of $8 to dispose of one week’s worth of garbage. After defraying the costs of hiring the professional trash contractor, the donations received from this local service form the backbone of funds distributed annually by the Club for the benefit of the our community.  Net income from this weekly service totaled over $42,000 this past year and benefitted the following local organizations with contributions from the Lucketts Ruritan Club.

Lucketts Community Center Advisory Board |  $7,500

These funds were made available to support activities and programs at the Lucketts Community Center beyond those that are part of the Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Service annual budget.

Youth Programs | $7,500

Every year the Ruritan Club supports local school and youth organization

Scholarships and Student Awards | $10,900

Every year the Club recognizes graduating seniors from Lucketts with scholarships to the post-graduate programs of their choice, and recognizes Elementary, Middle and High School students from Lucketts with annual Citizenship awards.

Local Churches and Non-Profit Organizations  | $6,100

Every year the Club makes contributions to local non-profit organizations whose work benefits physical, spiritual and emotional needs of people in our community.

Annual Coat Drive and Local Outreach | $10,000

The Ruritan Club considers requests for direct assistance that come to us through qualified local organizations.  The Club’s annual Coat Drive is one example of this outreach.  Assisting Loudoun Hunger and The Porch at Faith Chapel with assistance in covering start up costs is another.  Needs were great in Lucketts last year with more than $10,000 being directed to support these requirements.

Important Recycling Guidelines



Reduce your solid waste

  • Limit use of disposable items when reusable alternatives are available, i.e. water bottles, travel mugs, grocery bags, etc.
  • Make product choices based on recyclability of the package when possible, and closely follow local recycling guidelines.
  • Compost food and yard waste at home.  Use a mulching blade to mow your lawn and let the clippings fertilize the lawn.
  • Consider whether recycling options are available before throwing things out, i.e. small appliances.
  • Reduce energy consumption and pollution by carpooling to work or using mass transit options, as well as turning off lights, and home electronics when not in use.

For current information on recycling programs in Loudoun County go to