Addison Barraco

As a community and country we find ourselves inside a most unique moment. At times it can feel like many things are outside the scope of our control – even the near future can seem unclear. With so many things up in the air, the news of those around us that are serving is a bright and much needed bit of sunshine and positivity.

The Lucketts Ruritan Club is honored to recognize, each year, students within the town who go above and beyond to be ambassadors of true citizenship to those in their sphere of influence. This year was no different.

The Citizenship and Patriotism committee was pleased to recognize Addison Barraco of Lucketts Elementary for her consistent leadership amongst fellow students – she received a certificate and a $100 STAPLES gift card in recognition of her contribution.

Addison served as the anchor of her school’s news show, a Lion Ambassador for her classroom, and a P.E. helper for the school’s Kindergarten and first grade classes. Addison cited that Lucketts is a great community because “teachers and staff are so supportive with whatever you need,” and “it’s a great place to make friends.” Before the shutdown of schools in Spring, Addison was intricately involved in leading fellow students to be the best they could be with the resources available and that didn’t stop once students went virtual ¬– she continued to make schedules for herself and stay on task, benefitting from the reward systems that teachers set up for students that completed classroom tasks. When asked what she felt makes a good leader, Addison said, “To be a leader in my school you have to be willing to help people. You have to want to volunteer your time. As a leader you get to set an example for other students. You can’t break the rules. Other kids can look up to you and say, “that is what I should do.”
Addison not only serves as a model citizen to her fellow classmates, but can also be an example to each of us adults as we navigate a difficult time – remembering to reach out and help one another. Congratulations, Addison!