Lucketts Ruritan Launch Youth Development Grant Program

The experts all agree that the earlier a child’s skill or a talent is nurtured, the higher the child’s lifetime achievement in that area. With this in mind, the Lucketts Ruritan Club launched in September the Youth Development Grant Program to invest in learning and development opportunities for children of all ages who live in Lucketts.  The grant making priorities established by the Club are as follows.

  • Focus on youth education, pre-school and after-school enrichment, tutoring, and/or vocational training
  • Educational programs, art, and cultural experiences
  • Sports and physical education activities are eligible.
  • Self-help, local initiatives, fresh and creative new areas
  • Projects that leverage additional resources such as volunteer time, and in-kind gifts of materials and supplies
  • High-impact ideas with a small grant
  • Projects that include collaboration with other groups
  • Proposals written by youth and for youth. Activities that are by their nature “entertainment” are not eligible. Sports and physical education activities are eligible.


Grant programs must benefit Lucketts area youth. Applicants must be a group, an individual or an organization that promotes youth development as part of their mission. Youth may apply directly but must have an adult co-sign the Grant Application.

Grant Cycles

There are two grant cycles in every calendar year.  The first cycle begins accepting Applications on the last Friday in September through the last Friday in November with awards announced the second week of the following January.  This coincides with the beginning of the traditional school year. The second grant cycle begins accepting Applications on the second Friday of January through the last Friday of March with awards announced the second week in May.  This cycle is intended to focus on spring and summer enrichment opportunities for children.

Click here for the Application and additional information about the program.