Mariah Goodwyn

Mariah Goodwyn

Mariah Goodwyn understands that patience is a virtue. She also recognizes that patience needs to be balanced with the spirit of “Carpe Diem!”  And for the last four years she has let that spirit help her seize opportunities in some of the most surprising ways! A three-season athlete, Mariah participates in cross-country, as well as both indoor and outdoor track.  Her love of running will now be connected in pursuit of a most unusual and inspiring career.  Her tenacity and competitiveness are beating a path to future success for herself and her peers as well!

Mariah was exploring the opportunities available to LCPS students through the Academies of Loudoun’s MATA Track as she prepared for her junior year.  MATA (Monroe Advanced Technical Academy) offers students an opportunity for one- and two-year studies in technical fields that can lead to life-time careers. Hoping to study Biomedical Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology or Radiology with her preferences in that order, she was only accepted in the Radiology program.  She was disappointed, but with encouragement from her parents, forged ahead and fell in love with the field of Radiology.

The summer between junior and senior years she was given an opportunity to intern at her pediatrician’s office!  The high rate of RSV cases that summer prompted the closing of the intern program and Mariah was crestfallen, but not defeated. Visiting Washington Radiology, a as a patient, Mariah asked if they had intern programs to support local Radiology students.  They didn’t but ended up creating one due to her interest!  She was able to shadow radiologists and technicians as well as gain exposure to the business side of medical practices.  She connected the Washington Radiology with the Academies and now a formal internship program has been established for future Academies students!  Shannon Logan, Center Director at the Sterling office has become a valued mentor to her.

But Mariah kept running.  Another local business, Synergy Prosthetics and Orthotics, visited the class to demonstrate the application of radiology within the field of prosthetics.  Again, Mariah created opportunity and completed a Capstone project with Mr. Baskin, the Certified Prosthetist who owns the Ashburn practice.  She traveled with Mr. Baskin around the region as he visited and served his patients, learning the social, emotional, and economic issues surrounding the field of prosthetics.  She learned that a high percentage of patients live in poverty.  The combination of technical skill and the ability to impact many underserved communities has inspired her to the goal of becoming a Certified Prosthetist rather than a Radiologist.  “It is a shorter path of schooling compared to medical school, and it gives me an opportunity to own my own business someday.”  Don’t be surprised if you see Mariah on Shark Tank in the future.  And it may be as a shark not as a budding entrepreneur!

The isolation of COVID presented new challenges to Mariah, but she used the time to start her own business – Mariah’s Masks.  “I have a sewing machine and decided I could make masks and sell them on Esty!”  Mariah’s Masks was born on the site and Mariah had a taste of mastering her own financial destiny!

A leader with a heart, Mariah was President of the Husky Buddies Club during her senior year. There was no faculty advisor available to lead the activities, so Mariah stepped in and filled the gap. Husky Buddies is a Club that focused on supporting students who may have a struggle being included in the school community for a wide variety of reasons. She organized a student leadership team and delegated roles to increase events and advertising to build student engagement.  The result – doubled membership in the Club!

Mariah will be going to Wake Forest University where she will focus on studies to prepare her for a future a Prosthetist.  Run run run Mariah!  Continue beating a path for others to follow!