The Lucketts Ruritan Club is offering 18 gallon recycling bins for $20 each. Bins are available during Saturday morning refuse collection service.
These sturdy blue bins provide a convenient way to collect and transport your recyclables from your home to our Saturday morning service at the Lucketts Elementary School. When you recycle, you reduce the amount of household trash you generate; reduce the load on our county landfill; and reduce pollution and energy and natural resource usage.

By purchasing a one of our bins, you help your community in several ways:
· All proceeds are returned to the Lucketts community in the form of donations and scholarships;
· Eliminate the need for costly plastic bags that clog the sorting equipment used on recyclable materials;
· Help us celebrate 25 years of recycling by the Ruritan Lucketts Club;
· Save money as our bins are priced below those found in area stores or even on the web!

Thanks to those of you who have already taken yours home!


That’s BSA Troop 1910 Scout Master Joe Elarde and Ruritan VP Jim McKenzie admiring the recycle bins.