Community Development Grant Program

The purpose of our “Community Development Grant Program” is to promote projects and activities that build a sense of shared community for people who live in Lucketts. Through collaboration with local individuals and organizations, the Ruritan Club seeks to promote activities that build fellowship, community service, and good will and enhance the enjoyment of living in Lucketts.
Individuals and organizations from within or outside the Lucketts area can apply with a proposal that explains how their project  can directly impact the health, welfare, and enjoyment of the Lucketts community. Examples of activities eligible to receive grants include educational and cultural activities, local health and welfare projects, local historic and environmental preservation programs, and community outreach by our local churches. See ‘Grant Making Priorities’ below.  Monies granted through this program must directly impact people who live in Lucketts as defined here: The Lucketts area is defined as north of Tutt Lane on the south, west of the Potomac River and east of Catoctin Ridge, or “from the split to the bridge and the river to the ridge”.
Grant Making Priorities
  • Focus on activities that benefit all or a large segment of the Lucketts community
  • Activities to bring families together with other lucketts families
  • Educational and cultural projects, events, or activities
  • Projects that use additional resources such as volunteer time, in-kind gifts, or supplies
  • Projects that include collaboration with other groups
  • Self-help, local initiatives, creative new areas to improve the community
  • Sports, physical activities, and family entertainment programs

How to apply for a Community Development Grant

Please read instructions carefully and complete as much of the application as possible. If some items are not applicable to your organization, enter “N/A.” Fill out as much as you can, submit as directed below, and we will contact you if we need more information.
If you have any questions about the application or need help filling it out, contact us at [email protected]

This Application is in Four Parts:

  1. Organizational Information
  2. Proposed Project
  3. Proposed Budget
  4. Terms of Grant Award

How to Complete and Submit an Application:

  1. Open the application here.
  2. All applications must be submitted via email to: [email protected]

When to apply:

Applications can be submitted at any time.


Allow 60 days for a decision to be made.

Terms of Grant Award:

If an award is granted, we require the recipient to sign an agreement with the Lucketts Ruritan Club to receive the grant funds. This agreement outlines the requirements of receipt of the grant and includes the start and completion dates and any benchmarks to show progress. We require recipients to submit a final report that provides information on outcomes of their annual operations or the funded project or program. Contact Tom Small for more information [email protected]