Scott Lesho

The Lucketts Ruritan Club awarded Scott Lesho $3500.00 in recognition of his outstanding achievements in academics, sports, and community service. He graduated from Tuscarora high school with a 4.18 GPA and leaves in mid-August to attend the University of South Carolina School of Business, planning to major in risk management and insurance.

Scott is a runner and ran cross-country (grades 9-12) and track (grades 9-10). His love of the sport and dedication to training and hard and work as part of a team has led to lasting friendships. Outside of the 5K distance, Scott ran in the Marine Corps Marathon 10K race in Washington DC. As a result of the great crowd support he received at this event, Scott has not ruled out longer distances in his future.

Scott has been an active member of the Lucketts Boy Scout Troop 1910 since 5th grade and is currently working toward his Eagle Scout certification. Unfortunately, his original project to build a butterfly garden in the new atrium at the Lucketts Elementary School was cancelled due to Covid-19 and the closure of the school in 2020 for the Spring semester. However, not to be discouraged, Scott has worked with the Lucketts Community Center and intends to construct a flowerbed planted with azaleas instead. The planned raised bed will be two feet by 27 feet and located in front of the community center fence so that it will be visible to people traveling on Route 15. This garden will not only benefit pollinators, but will also serve as a Lucketts beautification project. Keep an eye out for this soon-to-be-completed project in our community when you are out and about.

Love of travel and a desire to explore new places has resulted in many fond memories of family vacations and camping trips with the Boy Scouts. These travels have taken Scott across the United States and into Canada. His strong appreciation of nature was evident in his enthusiasm when he talked about his favorite trip out west to visit Zion National Park in Utah, where the canyons and landscapes captivated him. If there is a scenic route to be taken, even if it is not the fastest route, Scott will take it!

Currently, Scott is working at Roots 657 making pizzas–so stop by and wish him well before he heads off to South Carolina! The Lucketts Ruritans are proud to support such an accomplished young man and wish Scott all success in his future career path.