Lea Lesho

The Lucketts Ruritan Club awarded $2,500 to Lea Lesho toward her studies at the University of Virginia (UVA). While she is currently undeclared in her major, she is considering a career in history, government, or law. Lea graduated from Tuscarora High School with a GPA of 4.70, which ranked her third in her class of 349 students! She excelled in AP classes for Spanish, Statistics, Human Geography, Language, Calculus, Economics, and Biology. In addition to her scholastic achievements, Lea was on the “All A Honor Roll,” and received a basketball sportswomanship award in 2019 and 2021.
Lea has played several varsity sports during high school, such as cross-country, lacrosse, and basketball. In her senior year, she was the captain of the girls basketball team. She enjoys team sports over individual sports because of the deep friendships forged as the team works together toward the common goal of winning. That said, you may see Lea running on the Lucketts back roads as she also enjoys the fitness and stress outlet from running.
Lea has served in many leadership positions that have significantly impacted the Lucketts Community. For example, she has been a Lucketts Food Pantry Volunteer, a Lucketts Community Closet Volunteer, and a Backpack Buddy Volunteer. One notable aspect of her community service is her leadership as the Tuscarora Key Club Service Coordinator.

Key Club is a service club that requires 40 hours of community service, mandatory participation, and attendance at every meeting. The club purpose and goal is to identify a community need, coordinate volunteers, and provide assistance to alleviate the need. Lea worked with the Lucketts Ruritan Environmental Committee to recruit and provide volunteers for two important Lucketts community clean-up projects: JK Black Oak Wildlife Sanctuary LeSabre Pond Clean-up and the trash collection along New Valley Church Road.
Also, during her high school career, she worked her way up through the ranks on the yearbook staff. She wore multiple “hats” that culminated in her achievement of the position of editor-in-chief last year. In this role, she coordinated the layout, learned to manage others, and met strict timelines for final copy. Ultimately, as the editor-in-chief, she made all final decisions about the book.
Lea’s service within Tuscarora High School and the Lucketts community exemplify the qualities the Ruritans value and seek to foster. The Lucketts Ruritan Club is extremely proud to support Lea in this next exciting phase of her life, and we wish Lea the best of luck in her studies.