Lucketts Community Picnic & Barn Dance

July 13, 2019 was the date for the inaugural Lucketts Community Picnic & Barn Dance. Held at Faith Like A Mustard Seed Farm on Lucketts Road it was an occasion to celebrate all that is good in Lucketts. Whether is was the picnic, the egg toss, the barn dance with caller, the pie and cookie baking contest, farm animals, the fire trucks with water cannons there was some something for everyone. This was an occasion to meet your neighbors, share stories and a laugh, catch up on the latest good news, and generally unfurl.

Many folks discovered that they could square dance better than they expected and the fire trucks aren’t just for putting out fires. Lucketts Fire Company #10 stopped by with three important vehicles one of which was the “tanker” that with expert aim created a much welcomed short but sweet rain shower. The much loved Pie Baking Contest from the Lucketts Fair brought out the bakers looking for bragging rights. Jessica Hellmandollar the reigning champion baked a blueberry pie while six competitors gave her a serious run for the the money. The judges agreed all were delicious!