Walking/Running Club

The Walking/Running Club has at least two benefits to participants. The first is to encourage the appreciation of being outdoors and enjoying the natural world around us. The second benefit is to promote fitness of the Lucketts community through the physical exercise of walking and running. Join the group and find other benefits to being with neighbors, outdoors and getting blood-pumping exercise.

To the first benefit, the group will meet at the Lucketts Community Park in all seasons with exceptions made for holidays, extreme weather or slippery, unsafe conditions. Participating in activities outside offer fresh air, the elements, and direct contact with nature. Subtle changes in the seasons (sight, sound, temperatures, smells, etc) are amplified when people experience the out of doors.

The promotion of health and fitness are other important benefits of participating.  The group welcomes all ages and fitness levels. The trail at the community park offers a paved surface which is stable for strollers. It is ideal for those who may be recovering from an injury or surgery and are prescribed exercise as physical therapy. It is also well-known that people tend to stick with a fitness routine if they have a partner. This group encourages partnership and camaraderie to help keep on track.

There are no dues, this is a free activity with no commitment to attend. But by participating  you may discover nature at a slower pace, get much needed exercise, and enjoy being with Lucketts neighbors enjoying the same.

The group forms at 8:30 every Saturday at the Lucketts Community Park (the playing fields south of the Lucketts Elementary School). The session lasts just an hour. Other locations may be added later. Wear comfortable walking/running shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. The trail is measured for those who are concentrating on the fitness aspect.  Bring water.